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JAM8 is first agency for getting sole credit for music in history of Indian Cinema

For the first time in history of Indian Cinema credit for film’s music has been given to an agency instead of a music director. JAM8 has solely composed music for Ravi Teja’s upcoming film Touch Chesi Chudu.

JAM8 is a music A&R venture started off by Pritam where the aim is to incubate new talent in the music field and give them a platform to showcase their work.

Composer Pritam says, ” I am very happy that JAM8 has got it’s due and getting a sole credit as an agency in a film is an achievement. The aim behind starting JAM8 was to give new talent a platform and scope to work. “

Vijay Subramaniam, co-founder of Kwan, partners in Pritam’s JAM8 venture, says, “JAM8 is India’s largest A&R incubating company for music catering to film producers, broadcasters, brands, agency’s etc. Having launched in Bollywood, we are thrilled to launch in Telugu cinema and we are excited to charter our road map in southern film industry in coming future.”

Earlier, JAM8 has composed singles like Zaalima, Saason Ke, Dhingaana from Raees, Main hoon saath tere, Piya Re from Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana, Tera Hoke Rahoon from Behen Hogi Teri and has also done music for T.V. and jingles for Ads.