Movie Preview

‘Saankal’ Preview

‘Saankal’, also known as Shackle, is an upcoming Bollywood Hindi which brings light on the still followed malpractice of elder women forcefully marrying off to younger boys in the state of Rajasthan.

‘SAANKAL’ features Chetan Sharma, Tanima Bhattacharya, Harish Kumar, Jagat Singh, Samarth Shandilya and Milind Gunaji. The grim journey of the protagonists viz. Abeera (26 yrs) and Kesar (11 yrs) in under shade of this malpractice has been named SAANKAL (Shackle).

“SAANKAL” is directed and written by Dedipya Joshii and slated to release on 28 November 2017.